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Jan. 6th, 2012 12:50 pm
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Well, I absolutely loved the new BBC Sherlock episode, 'A Scandal in Belgravia'! I think what I really liked about it was it tackled the issue of Sherlock's sexuality (and tangentially, John's) and what it had to say was, Sherlock has no neeeeeed for your definitions of gender! He pish poshes on what bits you might be sporting below your neck and, frankly, if you want his attention you must engage his mind or ego. Intrigue or worship him and he's yours.

Also, John is hetero but he just happens to have a dude for a life-partner.

ALSO what is so unbelievable about divorcing what gender you are physically attracted to from a person, regardless of gender, with whom you want to engage in power games with? Or, even, that you would feel love/affection for someone without having to bump uglies with them.

Fandumb lives up to its name sometimes.

Also... I watched the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles and... I think I like it! I have to say, tho, that I really hope there'll be less emphasis on rape in the future. Oh wait, what am I saying? A lot of crime has to do with violence against women. I guess the challenge of the program is to show how women trained to investigate these crimes handle it. I also hope they don't keep falling for the same guy. It's okay for a bit of tension in the first episode but after that, go away.

Also. ALSO! I'm so tired of rapists on TV looking like creeps and being strangers. Most rapists are people you know and look like everyone else. I know it's easier to make them bad guys if they're creepy-looking strangers but... that's not the reality. Rapists are usually someone you know and look perfectly normal. Which I think is way scarier than what is depicted on TV.

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