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I've been so blah lately; likely just due to the time of the year. I spent most of the weekend in a TV coma watching Community but I did manage to get out to see the Oscar-nominated animated shorts and The Secret World of Arietty; both were worth the effort.

Last night I felt myself sliding into the dumps again so I decided to divide my projects into hours:

6-7 spent working on a comic script. I'm up to page 14 in a little story about Eder the Elf helping a couple of goblin children out with their haunted mine. It's based on a spooky dream I had.

7-8 I scanned, coloured, and lettered a little comic, Signs of Low Self-Esteem. Bear in mind it was written and pencilled during a fit of depression. AT LEAST I AM TRYING TO MAKE COMICS AGAIN! *weeps* My skillz... they have grown rusty.

8-9 Organized my tumblr, posted new comic and a piece of fanart.

9-10 I caught up on my exercise and did Monday AND Tuesday's weight routines. Ugh. But I'm almost to level 7 on Fitocracy.com! I also bathed.

10-11 Nightly telephone call and bed time. SNORE!

Tonight I hope to do an hour of script and an hour of novel. In my novel I get to kill someone! MUAHAHAHAHHAHA! I'm so excited!

I was all gung-ho to start podcasting but I'm still a bit too busy with other projects to, realistically, take it on. I wouldn't mind squeezing in a bit of fic-reading... but we'll see. I'm supposed to start Yoga again soon and that will eat up 2-4 hours a week.

OMG!!! New BRAVE trailer! I want to see this so bad... if for no other reason than her beautiful hair! I'm shallow. SUUUUUUUE me! XD
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