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Writer Beware and “The Write Agenda” [txt]

New York Observer: Exclusive "Occupy Wall Street" Unaired Fox Footage [vid]

Emily Carroll's new comic, Margot [comic] - You'll need to click on the hanging bouquet to see more comic. I think I read that she'll add a new part every week, so revisit this page and click around as the month goes by!

I love Scott C's work! [artbook] You may have seen his 'head' comics in the Flight anthologies.
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Today I attended the UX Web Summit and now I have two browsers full of tabs so here is the mother of all link blogs! Sorry for the lack of organization but I have a guest coming over right away. I'll try to get these organized over the next day or two.

My brain is FULL!

Banishing your inner critic

Using comics to present information:
The presentor's web site
Google Chrome comic by Scott McCloud
GoodUXBadUX.com for examples of user experience
Comic creation sites:
Strip Creator

Web Goverance
Web Goverance in higher ed

You've heard of the various ipsum sites to create placeholder text but what about placeholder images? How about placekitten.com? XDD

Experience Design Models: Minding the Gap Between Ideas and Interfaces

Making the Web more awesome

Brain Traffic blog

The Rockley Group


Amateur Gourmet

Woodgrain portfolio case for loads of cash but it still looks cooool!

Balsamiq.com rapid wireframing tool

Deconstructing a textbook

The Trivialities and Transcendence of Kickstarter

Seductive Interaction Design

New Work City

The most amazing transforming furniture EVER

Living in a 78sq.ft. apartment

New book!

Sep. 26th, 2011 10:55 am
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Thoughts From a Disturbed Mind is now available in a dead tree version!

This is a collection of humour columns and each one is illustrated by me!

I'm working on formatting an eBook version but it will not have my illustrations in it.

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Christmas is coming so I thought I'd start selling some of my paintings!

I have three of the eight finished and the other five will go up as I finish them! (Likely by the end of the next weekend.)

I'm only doing the eight in this size. There's one larger one on stretched linen canvas that I'm planning out but it will cost double what these do. I'm sorry the price is so high but it's based on the cost of materials and time with a very slender profit margin. Still, original art! Hand-painted!
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I admire this woman.

I'm also really enjoying reading M.R. James. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] flemmings  for posting about his work! I think what makes M.R. James' stories so creepy is that he rarely offers a full explanation of what we're being told is happening or why.

...it's put me in the mood to rewrite two old ghost stories; The Bloody Prints of Blueberry Manor and The Apple Trees. I'd sort of set them aside because I wasn't entirely happy with them but I think I know what I can do to change them and make them really scary!

And now... to keep reading about advanced WordPress techniques.
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You can pay with a tweet to buy a little mini-binding guide! So cute!

7 Best Practices for Improving Your Website’s Usability However, this line, "Front-load keywords in webpage titles, headings and links by using the passive voice as an effective writing device." made me cringe. I spend so much time tearing passive voice apart it hurts to think I should use it on purpose.

Ooh! Guideguide for Photoshop to set up grid patterns for Web site designs!

The Pitfalls of Not Pricing Art and Craft Work Properly - o_o I'm looking at youuuu my friends. And with the help of a mirror, I am also looking at me. o_o Some good ideas there! I'm already leaning towards making prints or smaller paintings of larger works that I can sell for less money but still keep the big painting priced accordingly.

You know, if I were actually working on paintings. *eyeballs the empty studio*

I WOULD LIKE TO TRY THIS OUT! - Seems like a good sit to stand desk!

This bag is amazing but there's no way I can afford ninety-three pounds for a bag. Unless I sold some stuff. Hmmmm... lookit all the pretty colours! *shiny eyes* Nuuuu... that's ridic moolah!

Tonight... I plan a painting. And stare at my novel outline again. And see if maybe the novel outline can be finished. There's a few places where it gets all murky and they need to be resolved in the outline before I actually start writing.

Comic rec

Sep. 8th, 2011 07:04 am
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http://www.delilahdirk.com/ <--I WISH THERE WAS MORE ALREADY! *tries to be patient*


Sep. 7th, 2011 11:53 am
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Gacked this from telophase! http://womenfighters.tumblr.com/ Women fighters wearing reasonable armor!

How about A free life affairs organizer? Seems pretty useful to me, even just as a starting point.

Giant red crabs move in on Antarctica. I have nightmares that start off this way. This isn't good news.

I like Tessa's comics, 'nuff said.

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult. To be honest with you, I keep getting republicans and democrats mixed up. In my mind, republicans favour the monarchy and democrats favour a democratic government. I suppose it isn't any more confusing that having a Liberal Party that is more conservative than the New Democratic Party? Or, heck, look at those Progressive Conservatives! What? You're... progressively conservative... how? *scrubs brain* At least I know where I stand with the Green Party and the Marijuana Party.

I'm digging RookieMag.com. When I was a shy, sad little teen I would have never been brave enough to submit anything. (Of course, there was no Internet back then, either.) But, retroactively, I think teen Tammy would have appreciated a magazine like this.

A little high school anecdote from me: One day, in grade ten, I was trying out being confident. Instead of slouching and refusing to make eye contact, I threw my shoulders back and walked proudly down the hall, meeting people's eyes and smiling. I hadn't even made it between classrooms when a complete stranger decided to take me down a peg, "You're a stuck-up bitch!" Just one of the things that convinced me I should stay in the background as a teen.
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*rolls in links*

Minecraft in real life - COOOOOOL!


Nerdrage inducing article about a lady who went on a date - There's more to it than that, of course. Meh, not so cool.

Mangle for the Kindle! - COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! It's for reading manga on the Kindle!

Canada's elderly not likely to swamp health system - phew, cool!
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Huge underground river found beneath the Amazon - Ooooh! Totally fired up my imagination.

Cleancoder - "Writings on Clean Code, Design, and all things software".
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One of my warm-up sketches last night, Prince Pickle

This is not the circle constant you're looking for: The Tau Manifesto

Heart-breaking immigration story - Immigration Canada, why you gotta be so heartless?

Ming Doyle's first graphic novel is out! Tantalize: Kieren's Story Congratulations Mingalinga! <3

Oh god. Food hoarding house of horrors - It takes a special kind of bastard to shape his wife like this. However, this isn't the first time I've come across a story about a woman who cooks with really weird shit and gets her giggles out of giving it away to guests.

Speaking of horror... I'm outlining a novel about a haunted house. if I can get the outline done for September 2-5... I have those days off and C. is going to be out of town. I can write, non-stop, for days! =D
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HRG Cat - Yeah.... *shifty eyes* I might have shopped this...

Photos of two different cats were used for the ears, eyes, and tail.
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Colleen Doran has some auctions going on

A dating site for people who can't have sex - Or, for people who don't want sex to be a big factor in dating.

Hipster ipsum

Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks - Comic is available online for free until the GN comes out.

Has anybody ever used a Food Saver? I'm curious about your experience.

Muse is the latest product from Adobe and it claims you don't need to use code to design and publish Web sites.

Jazzing up QR codes
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I was riding around in C.'s shirt pocket this morning!

Smashing Magazing has a UX section now!

Seven Ideas for Preparing Food at Home Cheaply with Minimal Space and Resources

Soaking beans

So... C. and I are both full-time employed in jobs we trained for. We're making pretty good money and don't carry consumer debt aside from our mortgage. But I figure it can't hurt to tighten our belts before we might find a need to and learn how to economize, right?

So I'll be passing on any useful links I might find in my travels down this path.

Sometimes, it's worth it to google fruit-picking in your city! Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton is an example of a volunteer organization that picks fruit and berries for home-owners who can't. You get 1/4 of the share of fruit, 1/4 goes to the homeowner, 1/4 to the Food Bank, and 1/4 goes to the organization for processing. It's great for those of us in apartment-style condos with no yards to grow our own!

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