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I have picspam of my trip so far up! it's NSFW as [livejournal.com profile] joasakura and I went to the Museum of Sex today.

Brunch was two eggs over easy with amazing home fries and two patties of chicken sausage and D. had a goat cheese and spinach egg white omelette at The Smith. It was very, very delicious and they only lose points for not having a black tea other than (ick) Earl Grey on hand and for charging me $3.50 for a small cup of hot water with a green tea bag in it. No offer of topping up my hot water. But that might just be NYC.

Lunch was Frozen Yogurt and it will likely be my lunch for the rest of the week. The little Yogurt Stop downstairs is a self serve with spigots in the wall for different flavours of low-fat yogurt and for $0.39 you can have unlimited toppings! Today I had plain, chocolate, and red velvet cake frozen yogurt.

We're just taking a break then we're off again!
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So, I woke up this morning far too early and W. drove me to the airport in the driving rain. It was only 7C/44F! There were no issues with the gifts I wanted to bring and I cleared customs easily.

We land in NYC and it's 33C/91F!!! Thankfully the apartment I'm renting has A/C so while it isn't cool it's at least tolerable.

I highly recommend www.carmellimo.com for your car service needs. I called the service when I landed and gave them a confirmation code. They asked me what I was wearing and told me where to go to meet the driver. The driver pulled up with a number on his vehicle and my name on a sign in his passenger window. They sent a Lincoln town car that was impeccably clean and a lovely smooth ride. It was $53 from Newark airport to my apartment in East Village and it took less than half an hour.

Speaking of the apartment... it's so cute! It's a one bedroom with double French doors leading into the bedroom. The bathroom is small but with cute tile, a vanity in proportion to the size of the bathroom, a full tub/shower, and a marble threashold. The bedroom and living/dining/kitchen area has hardwood floors and there is a four burner gas range, a small dining table, a big tv, and a fold out couch.

And the best part? Right downstairs there's a frozen yogurt shop and a porn shop! It's like Fate guided me to this apartment!

[livejournal.com profile] joasakura is just a couple of blocks away so I'm going to sign off and meet her. So far, airbnb.com has been a good experience!

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I kind of love this paisley clutch!

I like this sweater, too. I'm willing to spend my hard-earned money on quality wool sweaters. =X I LIVE in the few wool articles of clothing I own in the winter and they're falling apart. Maybe a good quality wool sweater will last longer...

Blurgroup.com is a crowd-sourced creative marketing group. I'm very interested in how this works but I have no need of marketing services at the moment. However... you can join the group in any of the categories listed. Writers! Artists! Designers! This might be a good freelance source of income!

Galore - is a book Kate Beaton tweeted about yesterday and the review intrigued me with the bit about it being a character study novel.

A watercolour painting of The Punisher

SOMETHING was wrong with me last night, slurry speech, difficulty finding words, lethargic, numb lips and thick tongue... and W. suggested it might be allergies. Took a Benadryl and slept soundly all night. Today I'm still a bit off but that might be the Benadryl wearing off. 9_9 I know, I should probably just man up and see a doctor. *calls healthlink to see who is available near me and when* In the mean time, I'm avoiding nuts as three out of the four pastries I had yesterday contained nuts. *looks suspiciously at the baking display today*

In other news: trip is coming up and I'm super duper excited! And anxious! But mostly excited! Last night I dreamt I was packing. I still have a metric tonne of stuff to do this week but I think I'm starting to catch up a little bit.

Gaga concert Friday night! Saturday will be spent out at the salon and granny's. Lists lists lists and needing to call family before I fly in case I die.

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