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If you've ever worked a con before as a vendor you'll know the frustration of trying to collect emails for a mailing list. Handwriting is sometimes impossible to make out! Well, the thinky people at MailChimp.com have figured it out for you and have released Chimpadeedee. Chimpadeedee, I love saying the name, is an application on your laptop that allows you to type in people's information, saves it locally, and when you're ready will sync your new subscribers to your MailChimp account! I'm already an advocate of using MailChimp for your mailing list needs and this application just reinforces it for me! Now, if they had an Android app that did the same thing I'd be super impressed.

And if you're at a con and you'd like to accept credit card payments how about taking a look at Intuit GoPayment? (source: @Iron_Spike) I'm not sure yet if it works for Canadians but I'm definitely interested!

Another app that allows you to accept credit cards via your Droid or iProduct is Square. I sold my business so I'm not in a position to really use these apps yet but... *shifty eyes* There may be something in the works for 2011 that I'll need to know this stuff for.

Along the same lines there is a PayPal app for Android phones!

Gmail adds rich text signatures. Finally! It may seem like a small detail but being able to have a link to your web site or add your logo to your email signature does play a role in both making you appear professional/memorable and directing traffic to your site.

And in completely unrelated news: I doodled baby Hellboy.

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