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Last night I attended a collograph printmaking course and here is the result!

My web site

...I think I've found a new love.
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Yes. It's true. I've pretty much given in to netspeak.

In other news:
- Honey Badger Sherlock BBC came about when I was chatting on the phone with Mink. XD
- I spent last weekend in a cabin in the woods. Not one serial killer was seen!
- I made a comic about Avatar: Korra. It had been six years since my last muffin-based comic.

What other people have done:
BEST TWITTER FEED EVER! Scroll down to animate. XD

It would only cost me $200 to switch to an iPhone right now.
An iPad 3 is tempting... as a developer. I have a trusty laptop, otherwise.
It's Spring and I feel change in the air! For better or for worse. Change.
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Yaay! It took me far too long but I'm feeling pretty good about Peachboy vs. The Quiyad!

As you can infer from the name, a Quiyad is a nature spirit that dwells in a quilt. They're very rare.

I'm proud of having drawn backgrounds and furniture! Me! I once set a comic in a desert so I could avoid drawing backgrounds!

Creating comics is frustrating, time-consuming, humbling, and makes me pull at my hair but it feels good to be dabbling with them again.
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I get free pizza today. Unf. (In other news, the diet isn't going so well. NEWS AT ELEVEN!)

Sketch of a bee-elephant hybrid.

Lepracown - I made this graphic for the corporate intranet header at work. XD


Benedict Cumberbatch is very lady-like

Lord Howe Island Stick Insect hatching CRAZY AWESOME EW AWESOME!

Manga Artist Yusuke Murata Creates the Most Innovative Comic You'll See This Week

Check out the knitting clock and other innovative industrial designs!

Academy Awards 2012: Putting Blackface in Context

Jim Woodring, creator of Frank, has a Kickstarter fund raiser going so he can crate his new book, Fran.

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave - A chilling look at what it's like to work in the warehouse of one of the big online retailers.

I'm Being Followed: How Google—and 104 Other Companies—Are Tracking Me on the Web

A site for icons

12 pet hates of the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.

Five Tips on How to Strategically Price Your Services as a Freelancer

iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger - Want.
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Yay! Friday! I hit my snooze alarm TWICE this morning and luxuriated in the Friday morning feeling.

Last night I sketched Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and I'm pleased with how my first attempt came out! Those of you who know me from my comicking days probably know how much I loooove drawing lips and curls so Cumberbatch is pretty much my dream guy to draw!

I wrote five more pages of comic script last night and surprised myself with an innovative bit of magic! I'm not 100% sure it's what Eder would do but even if I don't use it for this comic I'm keeping it in mind for future stories. My goal is to have this comic finished/published by the end of the year; we shall see how doable that is because I also want to finish the first revisions of my novel by the end of the year which means I need to have the first draft written by June.

I know I said I was going to work on That Red-Haired Girl but I think I need one more year of distance before I can tackle listening to Gran's recorded conversations. Emotions are hard to plan for! =C

I nearly signed up for Art Walk to sell my paintings but then I sat back and thought about what is already on my plate and how much I would HATE having to sit outside selling my paintings for three days and ruled against it. I'll just continue to stockpile larger paintings and sell off the smaller, easier to ship, paintings. I don't know how it works but maybe if I get enough paintings with a unifying theme I could do a little show somewhere? Is that how it works? I need to sit down and paint the last six of the Evil Eye Tree series then I can start on the next series which has to do with folk art animals with stylized human faces sewn on. No, I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, either. Like so many of my ideas, this one came to me in a dream.

I'm dieting again but not to great effect. XD I keep cheating! I'll make it to where I want to be, I'm just not willing to kill myself to get there.

Oh yes, I have a Pinterest account now and you may find this board I'm putting together interesting because it's all about teeny homes! *swoon*

For those ladies interested in a community of artists/writers who help look after each other but aren't too keen on a commune idea... I have stumbled across something called a Pocket Neighborhood and it's ~fascinating! Links are on that board.

New book!

Sep. 26th, 2011 10:55 am
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Thoughts From a Disturbed Mind is now available in a dead tree version!

This is a collection of humour columns and each one is illustrated by me!

I'm working on formatting an eBook version but it will not have my illustrations in it.

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HRG Cat - Yeah.... *shifty eyes* I might have shopped this...

Photos of two different cats were used for the ears, eyes, and tail.
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The courtship dance of the peacock spider - I laughed so hard during this video. The leg-waving HEY! HEY OVER HERE! HEY LOOKIT MEEEE! made me lose it.

Passerine Gynandromorphy Collage - Fascinating! Such marked bilateral-ism is so interesting to see!

New photos and videos are going up over at my pet's web site: http://mypetisafoambrick.tumblr.com More to come!

New videos from my mountain vacation have been uploaded to my Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/tammalee
More to come!

Ugh. I've been wanting to draw Legschilla for SO LONG! Finally, I broke down and bought a new scanner (four years without one) and drew him! >=D He's a baaaadchilla! Punkchilla! Purplechilla...? 'Chilla' is fun to say!
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Work has unexpectedly gotten busier so I won't be around as much this week.

Marshmallow on Fire - I have one more 'On Fire' picture to do then I'm finished the set! It'll be 12 images over the last three years! Guess I'll look at making a cutie little calendar from the images. This winter will begin a new, quarterly, art project.

Have I ever mentioned how cool it is to work with Yii? Unf. So cool! It can be frustrating, at times, to work with an MVC framework but it's really cutting down on my development time and I adooooore all the built in functionality!

*zooms back to work*
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Evil Eye Landscape

I posted it last night on twitter and the awesome @kirimoth modified it to this:

XD *dying laughing*
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The lovely ladies at Mad Docs of Lit have been writing monster stories with this goal in mind, "Our idea was to resurrect the good ol' myths one monster at a time, putting aside all the modern cliches and gratuitous gore and either taking them right back to their traditional beginnings or bringing them bang up to date in ways that have not been done before."

This month the themed monster is the ghost; how could I resist?

I love ghost stories and that love comes from my love for and fascination with people. I've experienced a few supernatural encounters, myself, and I've read hundreds of others so it was only natural I'd try to tackle re-vamping the traditional ghost story but with a slightly different angle.

Ghost of a Smile

Hope you enjoy!

Started a painting over the weekend but it's hard finding the time during the week to paint. I need at least two, uninterrupted, hours at a time to make any sort of progress.

That photo is from early in the process. I'm now up to the point where all the base colours are down and I'm touching up and contemplating details. I'm very nervous about the last part of this painting as the main element will only get one try to place it correctly. I'm going to have to practice on paper first.

I'm really not so much a painter as I am a designer mucking about with colour.


Jan. 16th, 2011 09:49 am
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;__; There's a lost kitty in the hallway. She's fixed, has a collar, and those little claw covers so she can't scratch things. Obviously someone loves and cares for this kitty. I considered taking her in but... then how would her owners find her? I left her in the hall. She's crying at different doors so she'll get the right one eventually and it isn't like she can die of exposure or get off this floor unless she can use door knobs...

I just hope her owners wake up soon and come to find her. Oh. Wait, they probably went to church and she slipped out when they left. Well, they should be home in an hour or so then and we'll see if they find kitty.

And now I'm stuffed up from kitty cuddles.

EDIT: A neighbour knocked on my door to see if the kitty was mine! He's going to set out some food and water for her in the hall and if nobody comes for her by one he'll take her in and put a sign up.

I finished a painting yesterday that's been sitting on my easel for two and a half years. It's an abstract of blues and greens and while I sort of hated it when I finished it's really growing on me now. Oh, looking at the photo I see that isn't the finished painting but it's still rather close. Too bad my phone camera can't get the colours right.

Coming up with Valentine card ideas and trying to mix in Year of the Rabbit... of course I come up with 'somebunny loves you'. I loathe my brain sometimes.

Last night I recorded myself reading a fic written by a character from Heroes. The story... Claude Rains woos Mohinder Suresh with his knowledge of pigeon... as written by Luke Campbell. DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEEE!

Anyhow, it was fun reading one of my stories and I might do more of it just for laughs. Any recommendations for audio editing software? Or podcasting software? I have a voice recorder that makes mp3s but I find I have to record in one take because I haven't the faintest what to use to edit.

My office sent me sympathy flowers yesterday. It's a lovely arrangement but, of course, I wound up getting weepy over them. Last weekend I'd still been in shock, this weekend... is really empty. Usually I'd be monitoring the roads to see if it's clear enough to drive over to Granny's and bring her some Tim Horton's coffee and a treat. I kept going to call her this week and by Friday I was in bad shape as each aborted phone call drove it home that she wasn't there to talk to. Ah well. It's all part of the process. My weekends just feel so empty now.
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If you've ever worked a con before as a vendor you'll know the frustration of trying to collect emails for a mailing list. Handwriting is sometimes impossible to make out! Well, the thinky people at MailChimp.com have figured it out for you and have released Chimpadeedee. Chimpadeedee, I love saying the name, is an application on your laptop that allows you to type in people's information, saves it locally, and when you're ready will sync your new subscribers to your MailChimp account! I'm already an advocate of using MailChimp for your mailing list needs and this application just reinforces it for me! Now, if they had an Android app that did the same thing I'd be super impressed.

And if you're at a con and you'd like to accept credit card payments how about taking a look at Intuit GoPayment? (source: @Iron_Spike) I'm not sure yet if it works for Canadians but I'm definitely interested!

Another app that allows you to accept credit cards via your Droid or iProduct is Square. I sold my business so I'm not in a position to really use these apps yet but... *shifty eyes* There may be something in the works for 2011 that I'll need to know this stuff for.

Along the same lines there is a PayPal app for Android phones!

Gmail adds rich text signatures. Finally! It may seem like a small detail but being able to have a link to your web site or add your logo to your email signature does play a role in both making you appear professional/memorable and directing traffic to your site.

And in completely unrelated news: I doodled baby Hellboy.

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