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Yes. It's true. I've pretty much given in to netspeak.

In other news:
- Honey Badger Sherlock BBC came about when I was chatting on the phone with Mink. XD
- I spent last weekend in a cabin in the woods. Not one serial killer was seen!
- I made a comic about Avatar: Korra. It had been six years since my last muffin-based comic.

What other people have done:
BEST TWITTER FEED EVER! Scroll down to animate. XD

It would only cost me $200 to switch to an iPhone right now.
An iPad 3 is tempting... as a developer. I have a trusty laptop, otherwise.
It's Spring and I feel change in the air! For better or for worse. Change.
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Yaay! It took me far too long but I'm feeling pretty good about Peachboy vs. The Quiyad!

As you can infer from the name, a Quiyad is a nature spirit that dwells in a quilt. They're very rare.

I'm proud of having drawn backgrounds and furniture! Me! I once set a comic in a desert so I could avoid drawing backgrounds!

Creating comics is frustrating, time-consuming, humbling, and makes me pull at my hair but it feels good to be dabbling with them again.
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I've been so blah lately; likely just due to the time of the year. I spent most of the weekend in a TV coma watching Community but I did manage to get out to see the Oscar-nominated animated shorts and The Secret World of Arietty; both were worth the effort.

Last night I felt myself sliding into the dumps again so I decided to divide my projects into hours:

6-7 spent working on a comic script. I'm up to page 14 in a little story about Eder the Elf helping a couple of goblin children out with their haunted mine. It's based on a spooky dream I had.

7-8 I scanned, coloured, and lettered a little comic, Signs of Low Self-Esteem. Bear in mind it was written and pencilled during a fit of depression. AT LEAST I AM TRYING TO MAKE COMICS AGAIN! *weeps* My skillz... they have grown rusty.

8-9 Organized my tumblr, posted new comic and a piece of fanart.

9-10 I caught up on my exercise and did Monday AND Tuesday's weight routines. Ugh. But I'm almost to level 7 on Fitocracy.com! I also bathed.

10-11 Nightly telephone call and bed time. SNORE!

Tonight I hope to do an hour of script and an hour of novel. In my novel I get to kill someone! MUAHAHAHAHHAHA! I'm so excited!

I was all gung-ho to start podcasting but I'm still a bit too busy with other projects to, realistically, take it on. I wouldn't mind squeezing in a bit of fic-reading... but we'll see. I'm supposed to start Yoga again soon and that will eat up 2-4 hours a week.

OMG!!! New BRAVE trailer! I want to see this so bad... if for no other reason than her beautiful hair! I'm shallow. SUUUUUUUE me! XD


Oct. 4th, 2011 08:30 am
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If you're interested in self-publishing your own comics and you're not sure how to go about it, Love Love Hill is a small dj circle with a tumblr and lots of good advice! Ah, it makes me nostalgic!

I've been branching out on my television shows lately:

1. 2 Broke Girls - I've watched the first two episodes and had to turn the second one off before I finished. I really wanted to like this show but it has problems.

The Good: It passes the Bechedel test! It features two girls from different classes who can actually get along and aren't backstabbing each other over a man! Wow! They want to open a cupcake shop together! They DO have conversations about things other than boys. Yay!

The bad: There's also a lot of casual racism that puts my teeth on edge. I get it, they live in Brooklyn and hooboyhowdy there are a lot of immigrants in Brooklyn, amirite? *stabby stabby* Apparently, I'm not the only one ruffled by the racism:
- Press Tour: Is CBS' '2 Broke Girls' racist?
- Is ’2 Broke Girls’ Racist?
- I’m fed up with Hollywood using Asian stereotypes for cheap laughs - the end of his post includes posts to others

Yeah, so, third episode aired and I see the summary is the girls go thrift store shopping (cue rich girl being horrified) and they wind up feuding over the same top. *sigh*

2. Warehouse 13 - I'm a sucker for shows about objects that kill. Remember the old Friday the 13th television series? I was allllll over that action as a kid! Warehouse 13 is sort of like that... I saw the first episode of the third season, which probably isn't the best place to jump in, but I managed to keep up well enough. There were three, nay, four cursed objects in this episode and while the characters didn't all appeal to me the creativity behind the cursed objects did!

The objects:
- Jimi Hendrix' guitar. Not quite sure what was going on there but it was shooting out lightening and had to be played using Jimi's slider (?) to calm it down.
- The Lost Folio was cursed by an actor who desperately wanted to act in Shakespeare's plays but was denied time and time again. He cursed the folio in such a way that if you were presented with an illustration from the folio you would die like the character in the illustration. Cue being bitten by an invisible snake (Cleopatra), stabbed by an invisible knife (Caesar), and other deaths from Shakespeare's plays.
- Statues of Zeus and Hera tossing lightening bolts at each other because they're in the same building together. XD Apparently, their feud is still going strong over Zeus's infidelities.
- A green scarab beetle that came to life, fell to the floor, and burrowed through the cement. We haven't seen what the consequences of that one will be yet. XD

So, the show is about secret agents who look after a huge warehouse (think the end of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark where you see the Ark being stored in a vast warehouse at the end of the movie) of artifacts and between trying to figure out what the stuff in their warehouse does they also hunt down other artifacts that activate and start killing people. I can dig it!

3. New Doctor Who - I'm only watching for Chris Eccleston. >_> I've seen the first two episodes. I think it's very much got the flavour of old Who and I like CE's portrayal so far. Please tell me this first season of new Who isn't where the Doctor crosses the line from being affectionate with his little sidekick to falling in love with her? I still don't care much for that idea.

4. Mad Men - Yeah, I can't watch this show. One episode in and I'm so angry I want to punch things. I understand it's a period piece and it's not meant to glorify the misogyny of the time but I cannot tolerate how the women on the show are treated. I cannot tolerate the thought there are people out there who like the show BECAUSE of how the women are treated. I love the fashion and will continue to follow the show through fashion blogs but for the sake of my blood pressure I'm not watching any more.

5. True Blood - I saw the first episode of this season and that pretty much killed my boner for this show. Writers, that was a clusterfuck.

6. American Horror Story - This comes out tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers in hope it will be watchable. Essentially, it's a haunted house story! This has me clapping my hands with glee and worrying about the sustainability of the concept. Haunted house stories usually get one, maybe two, episodes in a bigger story or are featured in an hour and a half movie; a whole season dedicated to a haunted house... makes me think this is going to be more than your average haunted house. There's got to be more than one ghost, there's got to be more than one traumatic event, and there HAS to be a lot of conflict between the family members or it just isn't going to fly for a whole season.

5 minutes from the show
io9 has a rundown of the characters and trailers. Spoilers ahoy!

The dudes who put Nip/Tuck and Glee together worked on this show.

I'm not sure they can get a second season out of it but I'm hoping it'll be a heck of a ride for the first season!

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