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Went to see Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie last night on their Gruesome Twosome tour. My dad was right, Alice Cooper isn't very good. =p I don't mean because he's older or anything, just not my cuppa. His voice was all over the place and out of tune a lot. But I did like how his performance illustrated a story and he had a lot of 'magic tricks' he performed on stage such as: impaling a roadie, hanging himself, being beheaded, and a variation on the 'swords impaling a guy in a box' trick.

Zombie didn't have stage tricks like that but he did have a really good set! I loved his use of video and pyro. But it was a rather subdued concert all things considered. NICKELBACK had more excitement! AND they had tonnes of panties and bras thrown on stage and neither Cooper nor Zombie got that. I noticed the venue wasn't very full for Cooper and filled up for Zombie. But a lot of older people left when Zombie started his performance. I think the pairing of Cooper and Zombie might not have been the best. Thematically it seems like they should complement each other; they both have made death a fetish, but in practice the audience wasn't in love with BOTH sounds and it showed.

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Such pretty art.

Haiku. Heroes. Bread. - I've already submitted a handful. XD

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