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See! I don't forget drabble requests! Even if it takes me a month to finish them. XD

This is for [livejournal.com profile] darthneko

Hitler vs. Megatron

"We had an agreement." The voice was deep and impossibly loud in the absolute darkness of the hanger. It spoke in German but the accent was impossible to place.

Adolf, for all the power the Third Reich had given him, was all too aware of the vulnerbility of his position; he'd made a deal with mechanical devils and he was testing the limits of their patience. "We are still operating within that agreement."

"It has been two weeks since your last shipment of energon."

"It's been harder to extract from the mines than we'd initially though-"

"I am not surprised you have been unable to fulfill your obligations. Humans are weak in so many ways." Ominous silence swelled and filled the hanger like an oppressive blanket. His pride demanded he argue the strength of his race but Adolf held his tongue, compared to the machines from the stars even his vision of a master race could seem weak. But, then, why did they rely on humans to mine their precious energon if they felt humans were incapable? Why were they unable to do the job themselves?

"The prisoners we've been using to extract the energon die too quickly, it seems we only just train them and they're dead."

"Then you will need to shield them from the energon radiation."

"They are not worth shielding." Adolf said. "And I cannot send my soldiers to such an ignomious death."

A hearty chuckle reverbated in the empty hanger. "Soldiers die in the pursuit of victory. That is their purpose. Your victory was assured with our assistance, so the sacrifice of a hundred thousand soldiers would have had value."

"Our victory is still assured." Adolf growled. "Without the energon my people mine you will be unable to secure a victory in your own war. You need us and we already have your technology."

"You do, indeed, have our.... technology." The grinding of gears filled the darkness of the hanger. "We will have our energon in two days. Or there will be consequences."

The lights sudddenly came on and Adolf found himself standing in a hangar filled with war machines. He looked around, nervously, not entirely sure he was alone.

He wasn't.
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Title: Bob & Foxy
Fandom: I, Private Eye (Original novel)
Word Count: 662
Author's Note: [livejournal.com profile] foxysquid requested a drabble with her and her character Bob from her novel I, Private Eye.

"I don't know what you'd do without me, Foxy." Bob had his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the front of his apron was covered in flour. "It's a miracle you manage to survive day to day with your lack of domestic skills."
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