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The lovely ladies at Mad Docs of Lit have been writing monster stories with this goal in mind, "Our idea was to resurrect the good ol' myths one monster at a time, putting aside all the modern cliches and gratuitous gore and either taking them right back to their traditional beginnings or bringing them bang up to date in ways that have not been done before."

This month the themed monster is the ghost; how could I resist?

I love ghost stories and that love comes from my love for and fascination with people. I've experienced a few supernatural encounters, myself, and I've read hundreds of others so it was only natural I'd try to tackle re-vamping the traditional ghost story but with a slightly different angle.

Ghost of a Smile

Hope you enjoy!

Started a painting over the weekend but it's hard finding the time during the week to paint. I need at least two, uninterrupted, hours at a time to make any sort of progress.

That photo is from early in the process. I'm now up to the point where all the base colours are down and I'm touching up and contemplating details. I'm very nervous about the last part of this painting as the main element will only get one try to place it correctly. I'm going to have to practice on paper first.

I'm really not so much a painter as I am a designer mucking about with colour.

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