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Turn your office expense reports into toilet paper - YES! Call me at year end in April and I will tell you how much I'd love to have this machine. XD

Does Your Small Business Need an iPad? - Guh. This is SO STRONGLY in my mind right now. I want to go on a few trips this year but I cannot be away from Internet access for long. This usually means hauling my laptop around with me. I don't want to do that anymore because it's a pain in the butt and I really don't need my FULL computer for most tasks.

But this article has me thinking. Not being able to multi-task is a bit of a pain. But considering I want a portable computer for when I travel so I can take care of my business... it might be okay. Hnnng.

But a netbook might be better yet. As long as it is smaller than a laptop and can fit into my carry-on bag we might be good. I could probably afford an iPhone if I really wanted to switch my old cell over. But I'm so loathe to sign a contract for a 3G data plan for an iPhone with limited tasking when I could have one for a netbook hmmm.

It's something to mull for another month or so.

10 Writing Tips for Web Designers - Some good advice here.

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