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So I tried out the oil cleansing method I linked to the other day.

Summary: What fun!!! And I was very surprised that when I was done there was no greasy residue on my face. Considering the amount of oil I'd slathered on, this was REALLY surprising.

My process:
1. Mix the Oils
1 part castor oil to three parts sunflower oil. I used my smallest measuring spoon and mixed the oils together in a teeny glass bowl. This made just over a quarter-sized puddle of oil in my palm.

2. Establish Setting
Undress and put on a bathrobe. Run a hot bath and lock yourself in the bathroom. The hot bath will warm up the room, add humidity to the air, and help you to feel relaxed. I also had a big book to read.

3. Apply the Oils
Pour the mixed oils into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oil up. Apply the warmed oil all over your face.

4. Massage
Gently massage the oils into your skin. Pay special attention to areas with black heads. I smeared oil onto my eyelids even! It felt remarkably clean to apply the oil! I thought I'd freak out a bit from having oil on my face but it felt better than the moisturizer I usually apply. I did this for about five minutes because I was so taken with the novel feeling.

5. Read a Book
I washed my hands with hot, soapy water so I wouldn't leave oily fingerprints on my book and sat on the toilet for ten minutes to read and let the oils soak in.

6. Remove the Oils
I applied a clean facecloth soaked in water as hot as I could stand to my face and thought deep thoughts while I waited for it to cool. Once the facecloth was cool I gently wiped my face and repeated the process two more times.

7. Marvel in the Mirror
Holy cow! Are those MY pores? They're so open and *squint* I think some of them are now clear of black heads! The bigger/deeper blackheads weren't affected much but I understand this is a process and will take time. Huh, there's NO oil left on my face. In fact, my face feels dry. Amazing!

8. The Next Morning
I'm looking for potential zits. I think I may get one on my nose. Skin feels pretty good. It's not an amazing transformation but my skin is in pretty good shape to begin with. Later this week I will try applying full make-up (foundation and everything) and see how the oil cleanse removes it for me.

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