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Friday marks the passing of another year of my life.

Friday morning I'll be at a social media breakfast gathering! I have lunch out planned with a friend/coworker. I hit the office for a couple of hours then it's the office celebration of April birthdays! I think I get to do actual work for three hours tomorrow. XD Happy Birthday to me!

..of course, if I'm behind I'll catch up on the weekend.

Tonight I went to a cubism painting class at the art gallery. $15 got me a tour of the modernist exhibit and I got to make:
- a charcoal sketch
- an acrylic painting
- a 3-D picture with cardboard and glue

I kept nothing but memories and new techniques. I chucked the actual pieces. XD

I've been super busy this week but I feel good!

I wish I could have you all over for cupcakes and video games and in-depth chats about what goes on in our brains.

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Yay! Friday! I hit my snooze alarm TWICE this morning and luxuriated in the Friday morning feeling.

Last night I sketched Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and I'm pleased with how my first attempt came out! Those of you who know me from my comicking days probably know how much I loooove drawing lips and curls so Cumberbatch is pretty much my dream guy to draw!

I wrote five more pages of comic script last night and surprised myself with an innovative bit of magic! I'm not 100% sure it's what Eder would do but even if I don't use it for this comic I'm keeping it in mind for future stories. My goal is to have this comic finished/published by the end of the year; we shall see how doable that is because I also want to finish the first revisions of my novel by the end of the year which means I need to have the first draft written by June.

I know I said I was going to work on That Red-Haired Girl but I think I need one more year of distance before I can tackle listening to Gran's recorded conversations. Emotions are hard to plan for! =C

I nearly signed up for Art Walk to sell my paintings but then I sat back and thought about what is already on my plate and how much I would HATE having to sit outside selling my paintings for three days and ruled against it. I'll just continue to stockpile larger paintings and sell off the smaller, easier to ship, paintings. I don't know how it works but maybe if I get enough paintings with a unifying theme I could do a little show somewhere? Is that how it works? I need to sit down and paint the last six of the Evil Eye Tree series then I can start on the next series which has to do with folk art animals with stylized human faces sewn on. No, I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, either. Like so many of my ideas, this one came to me in a dream.

I'm dieting again but not to great effect. XD I keep cheating! I'll make it to where I want to be, I'm just not willing to kill myself to get there.

Oh yes, I have a Pinterest account now and you may find this board I'm putting together interesting because it's all about teeny homes! *swoon*

For those ladies interested in a community of artists/writers who help look after each other but aren't too keen on a commune idea... I have stumbled across something called a Pocket Neighborhood and it's ~fascinating! Links are on that board.
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I've been so blah lately; likely just due to the time of the year. I spent most of the weekend in a TV coma watching Community but I did manage to get out to see the Oscar-nominated animated shorts and The Secret World of Arietty; both were worth the effort.

Last night I felt myself sliding into the dumps again so I decided to divide my projects into hours:

6-7 spent working on a comic script. I'm up to page 14 in a little story about Eder the Elf helping a couple of goblin children out with their haunted mine. It's based on a spooky dream I had.

7-8 I scanned, coloured, and lettered a little comic, Signs of Low Self-Esteem. Bear in mind it was written and pencilled during a fit of depression. AT LEAST I AM TRYING TO MAKE COMICS AGAIN! *weeps* My skillz... they have grown rusty.

8-9 Organized my tumblr, posted new comic and a piece of fanart.

9-10 I caught up on my exercise and did Monday AND Tuesday's weight routines. Ugh. But I'm almost to level 7 on Fitocracy.com! I also bathed.

10-11 Nightly telephone call and bed time. SNORE!

Tonight I hope to do an hour of script and an hour of novel. In my novel I get to kill someone! MUAHAHAHAHHAHA! I'm so excited!

I was all gung-ho to start podcasting but I'm still a bit too busy with other projects to, realistically, take it on. I wouldn't mind squeezing in a bit of fic-reading... but we'll see. I'm supposed to start Yoga again soon and that will eat up 2-4 hours a week.

OMG!!! New BRAVE trailer! I want to see this so bad... if for no other reason than her beautiful hair! I'm shallow. SUUUUUUUE me! XD


Oct. 11th, 2011 07:10 am
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I happen to think Dan Byrd's a very talented actor so when I saw the trailer for Norman I cheered out loud! I normally avoid heart-wrenching movies like this but to see Dan Byrd act I'll go. Ugh. UGH! I can't believe I'm willing to watch a show like this.

I drew a comic. It's a cross over between The Vampire Diaries and Heroes. My cheeks are burning.

Cut for TMI )


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First up, I think these are the best of the photos I have from my trip.

I'm still sorting through videos. Does anyone know of a good, free (or cheap~ish... I can't afford Vegas), video editing tool?

Last night I dreamed I was attending a Lady Gaga concert and there was a promoter giving away vinyl copies of her latest single. I went up to ask for one. She took one look at me and said, "No", in a really snotty voice and turned away.

No? Then it dawned on me, I was too old. They didn't want to give me freebies because I wasn't their target demographic.

I spent the rest of the dream feeling deeply uncomfortable. Which is probably why I dragged Joasakura into the dream with me so I'd have someone I felt comfy around. Of course, Joasakura told me her friend had been to this concert and he'd thrown up when the video came on because it had been so graphic...

Also, C. had somehow picked up an alien dog and was trying to teach it how to fetch a frisbee.

Yesterday morning, I bought a box of Special K cereal. We breezed down the cereal aisle, I saw the familiar red 'K' and tossed it in the shopping cart.

Yesterday evening, I helped W. do her grocery shopping and when we went down the cereal aisle I realized there was more than one kind of Special K. In fact, there were at least half a dozen different types of Special K.

I thought back to that morning and tried to remember what the box I had picked up looked like. Did I get my beloved, original recipe Special K? I couldn't reliably recall.

This morning I poured myself a bowl of what I had thought would be Special K and instead I get some sort of multi-grain flakes with freeze-dried strawberries. Oh no! Did I get C.'s cereal by mistake? Nope, the box said Special K... berry something.


When you're looking forward to a bowl of Special K because you love the little poofy bits, especially with half a banana and some cold almond milk, and you get multi-grain flakes and bits of questionable dried berry...

It's just not the same.
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I spent yesterday travelling but I finally arrived home!

Last night I kept having strange dreams, hallucinations, and the feeling I wasn't in the right place. Disorientation seems to have passed and I didn't pee in the closet, mistaking it for the bathroom in the night.

This morning I rolled out of bed and stared at the clock. Hm. It was a quarter past nine and it seemed to me there was something I had intended to do this morning...


Oh crap! I ran into the living room in my robe and checked what time the class started. 9.45am. I had half an hour to change and get my butt to the yoga studio! I showed up with messy hair and a wild look in my eye.

I did, however, take the time to use the rear-view mirror to pop the biggest, nastiest looking zit before I went in for my class. Just because I looked like a wild woman fresh off the mountain didn't mean I had to gross everyone out with Zitzilla.

I'm dying of lulz: What if Link had a Portal gun?

I have more pictures and videos to upload but right now... I have to tackle laundry and groceries. *determined look*
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My stepmum and I made a couple of videos this evening!

The running of the rams

Giant silk moth

We've never seen a silk moth up here before! It was gorgeous!
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Work has unexpectedly gotten busier so I won't be around as much this week.

Marshmallow on Fire - I have one more 'On Fire' picture to do then I'm finished the set! It'll be 12 images over the last three years! Guess I'll look at making a cutie little calendar from the images. This winter will begin a new, quarterly, art project.

Have I ever mentioned how cool it is to work with Yii? Unf. So cool! It can be frustrating, at times, to work with an MVC framework but it's really cutting down on my development time and I adooooore all the built in functionality!

*zooms back to work*
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For you designers out there who have tired of Lorem Ipsum as filler text and are longing to express your love of meatymeatmeat http://baconipsum.com/

My coworker has been correlating my migraines with sunspot activity and predicted I would have a migraine today; he was correct. :O

Plane tickets to the mysterious Selkirk mountains, and my parents' cabin, have been booked and I will be spending the first two weeks of July chasing sheep and fighting berries.

Last night I wrote a teeny weeny zombie fic which may or may not be well-received! When I say 'teeny weeny' I mean under 700 words and when I do revisions today it may be trimmed further. Unf. I love writing short fiction.

Sir Batman did not bravely run away. He kicked ass and took names. Temmmmplarz 4 life!
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So last Saturday I switched from my usual Benedryl for allergies to Claritin 24-hour relief. Since then my anxiety has been through the roof, I've been having trouble sleep, when I do sleep my nightmares are EPIC and I have spent two nights huddled in my blankets hallucinating and scared out of my skull. I've also had an extremely dry throat/mouth and my body is BUZZING, my heart racing.

Today I finally looked up the side-effects of Claritin and read about other people's experiences with it.

...sonovabitch. XD

Okay, looks like I'll wait for this one to wear off then go back to Benedryl. I may have to remember to take it more often but at least it didn't turn me into a basket case.
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Evil Eye Landscape

I posted it last night on twitter and the awesome @kirimoth modified it to this:

XD *dying laughing*
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Hommmmg! I have my kindle in my hands and I'm reading my old Guide to Self-publishing; which I scanned in ages ago but hadn't done anything with.

I used Microsoft Publisher to create the PDF, imported it to Caliber, created a .mobi format, then transferred it to my Kindle. It looks pretty darn good, actually!

BUT I can definitely see bits that need tweaking and I have to go through some kindle formatting guides to really get a handle on this.

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control... well, you know the rest!
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Drew a new self-potrait last night while art-jamming with CC.!

George Takei graciously donates his name to Tennessee.

Intern X describes her slog through submissions and what gets your story rejected before it's even read.

Kickass interview with Roseanne Barr. Really worth reading.

Does anyone use Imagekind.com for selling prints? What's your experience with it? Is it worth pursuing?

Mad Docs of Lit is running a writing contest! You KNOW this is a good time, peeps! =D

Voice recognition elevator Hahaha! Poor scots-accented peeps!

I'm considering starting up a WIP Challenge! It's where I go through and find all my writing and comic WIPs and dedicate a year to finishing them up. D: CAN IT EVEN BE DONE!? I dunno. But it would be SO satisfying if I finished even a quarter of what I have started!
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Today I went to type a word I thought I knew. Spell check corrected it to something I thought was completely wrong. Google proved me wrong.

How the heck did I think 'Adirondack' was spelled 'Airondock'? This also explains why I could never pronounce it correctly.

I suspect there are a good many words in my head where this has happened.

I'm still working my way through Lovecraft's fiction.

I just finished "The Shadow over Innsmouth" and I think it's among my top favourites. "The Colour Out of Space" and "The Dunwich Horror" being in the top three. [links lead to free, on-line copies of his stories for your reading pleasure]

A lot of Lovecraft's writing seems info-dumpy and 'OOGA BOOGA' to me but when he nails it he nails it. There are two things that bother me about his writing style:

1. his stories tend to be re-tellings so the introductions are all in the vein of, "This thing/event/time of my life was so HORRIFIC I may have GONE MAD! OMG! SO SCARY! EEK! ARE YOU FEELING DREAD YET?" then it gets into the story. I really do prefer to let the tension build up to something terrible than to be told at the outset what I'm about to read is terrible.

2. the descriptive words he chooses tend to be over-the-top and, hm, very tell not show? Instead of describing, say, a monster and letting the horror of what it is sink in all by itself he makes sure he adds just HOW horrified you SHOULD be because of it's MIND-BENDING HORROR! ooga booga

Still, I'm enjoying reading through his works and I'm filing away bits and pieces as references for future writing. I've read so many references to Lovecraft's works I felt it was time I actually read the source material.

Yesterday I baked crackerjack cookies using my gran's recipe. The only difference is, her recipe leaves out the peanuts. Oh, and her recipe seemed to call for 2 tsp of vanilla... I need to double-check with the original, hand-written card because I may have transcribed that incorrectly. I only used 1 tsp in my batch and they taste perfect.

I didn't do much other than housework and RP all weekend. I was feeling anti-social so I skipped out on a mini-festival that was going on AND the maker fair. I guess I had my fill of crowds at the writing conference the weekend before. Oh, and the concert Friday night. But being in a box makes me feel like I'm not actually IN the crowd so I don't feel too overwhelmed.

Maybe this week, having taken care of lingering chores, I can get into my office more and finish paintings, write scripts, and illustrate more of dad's book.


May. 14th, 2011 10:30 am
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C. and I scored free tix in the company box to see Rammstein last night! I never say no to a free concert!

Combichrist was the opening act and they were pretty good! They had one song called, "Shut up and Swallow"... which, in my head, was totally m/m BDSM. =P

Rammstein had a GREAT stage show! I've only seen one better and that was Feist. V. warned me not to be in the mosh pit if I didn't want to be covered in 'ejaculate'... I wasn't disappointed. They broke out the cum cannon! XD

The lights and pyro were more than just flashy, they were used artistically and even the dead babies with green laser gazes (that shot out across the arena) hanging from meathooks were more creative than just shocking. *facepalm* Can't.. believe.. I wrote that...

And for the fashion curious out there, I wore a yellow tee shirt with a hot dog on it, a cardigan, and blue jeans. C. wore blue jeans and a surgery scrub top. Thankfully this is Edmonton and that means no getting your ass kicked for not dressing band-appropriate. XD Loads of interesting outfits there, tho! Made me a bit envious I have nothing like that in my wardrobe anymore.

Today I'm kicking back and recovering from being assaulted by bass so loud it shook my bones and jiggled my organs. I'm so glad we remembered to bring ear plugs! =D


May. 11th, 2011 09:19 am
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Finally I have info about Gran's final rest. In October we'll be burying her ashes in her mother's grave. It means months until I finally get closure but at least I know it's coming. 2011 has been a disconnected year for me ever since Gran passed but with this news I'm starting to plug in again.

A friend suggested my migraines were allergy related due to the larger than normal quantity of snow mold and, yes, it appears they are! I took an allergy pill last night and no headache! Now, I need to buy non-drowsy meds.


I'm doing that marry, shag, cliff meme and I was given three Heroes characters:

Marry - Micah Sanders (WHEN HE GROWS UP!)
Micah is ambitious, independent, and can 'talk' to machines and control them! He also probably yearns for a stable life and would be a dedicated husband; providing there weren't any rebellions around he'd feel compelled to get involved in.

Shag - Luke Campbell
Ugh. It was hard to decide between Luke and Rene for this but... Luke wins out for the shag. Poor guy's probably never been laid. It'd probably be horrible but he'd be eager to learn and he'd get better with practice. Ultimately, he's shag-only because he wants to be a 'bad guy' and that's sexy in the sack but not so much in my life at all times.

Cliff - Rene
Rene is hella hawt and turns my bones to butter when he speaks but it came down to this: would I really trust him not to mess with my memories? Dude can do whatever he wants then, 'blip', my memories are altered. I could never be comfortable around someone who can mess with my mind.
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My migraine started last Wednesday, early in the morning. I woke up nauseated, head pounding, and extremely confused as to what was happening and where I was. The level of pain waxed and waned but the headache was persistent until yesterday afternoon when I had a thirty-minute massage that focused on my neck and head. This morning, so far, my head doesn't hurt but I can feel a slight pressure building. Ugh. Too bad I blew my 'personal services' budget on that massage yesterday or I'd order another one.

I went to a writer's conference on the weekend! I met interesting people, learned interesting things, and hopefully I'll get my notes typed up and analysed tonight so I can share the salient points of what I learned.

One thing I can tell you right off the bat: FINALLY self-publishing and e-publishing are throwing off the stigma of being inferior to traditional publishing. Amanda Hocking's name was tossed about a lot this weekend and while Amanda is not the norm her story is now an inspiration.

...which makes me giggle because no matter HOW lofty a creator's goals might be there are bills to pay and eventually everything comes down to money. The few that can afford to dedicate themselves to craft with no concern for money are just that, the few, or they have a day-job to support them.

Also, ladies and gents of my flist, when you negotiate your contracts with traditional publishing houses make sure you DO NOT sign away your share of the ePublishing rights.

Over the next couple of months I'm going to be publishing at least one book via a print-on-demand (POD) service and that book will ALSO be reformatted for ePublishing. I'm going to try to document what I do and learn along the way so I can share.

Two more things I heard repeated this weekend:
1. Just like when I was making comics, being able to follow guidelines, meeting deadlines, and produce consistently acceptable (not AMAZING) work will get you more work. AMAZING work would be better but hitting deadlines and specs is more important than being the most amazing writer ever. Also, professionalism is essential. Do what you say you're going to do. Respond to emails and phone calls. Don't avoid correspondence. Accept criticism gracefully and with thanks and resist the urge to lash out online where your words can go viral and damage your reputation.

2. My byline for years has been, 'Do it because you love it' and that's, essentially, what I heard over and over again this weekend. What that means to me is I'm going to stop feeling inadequate because I am one of Nature's short story writers. If I ever get into the groove and write a novel, yay, but I'm not going to stress about it. I really enjoy writing short fiction and I'm going to continue to do so.

Also, I babble a LOT when I am nervous. I probably talked far too much and overshared and guh but at least I went and learned.
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First up, homg! C. bought me an Amazon Kindle for my birthday! It's so bootiful! I have named it Lysippe (for now) as she was an Amazon queen and her name means, "She Who Lets Loose the Horses". ...that refers to the way I'm going to stampede my way across the Kindle offerings and download a herd of new books. Hm. My logic is tenuous.

Any hints or tips for making my Kindle experience awesome?

LJ blocking spam - how to turn this off. Why would you want to? If you get comments with links in them they may be quarantined as spam unless the site they link to is on a white list.

A Quiet Shelter There Anthology - We are looking for: Stories about companion or service animals. We expect most of the stories to be about cats or dogs, but will not rule out stories that deal with other animals. We will accept fiction and poetry only. No essays. No nonfiction articles. Preference will be given to speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, etc. But we will also consider other kinds of fiction, including (and especially) humor. Just in case anyone is interested.

5 Ways to Outwit the ATM - Ooooh, there's some good advice here! I rarely carry cash on me and I don't have a cache of cash at home. If I were truly concerned about suddenly having to go on the run for some reason I would make sure I had enough cash on hand to get me out of country. Oh, wait, that was a movie I watched and not my life. BUT STILL! Also, my bank card has been frozen THREE TIMES now because of suspected fraud in point-of-sale or ATM transactions.

Oh!! Gail Vaz-Oxley did a guest spot on that blog! And she talked about making a budget! <3 I love her so much and she is now a SUPERSTAR in my books for using the word, "kwitcherbitchin" in her article.

Oooh a budget percent calculator - This is so easy to use! Just plop in your monthly earnings and it divvies it up into areas of spending. (Be that jars, envelopes, whatever.) Very useful.

Holy cow! I went to high school with this guy - I love seeing people I knew twenty years ago coming into their own! He was just as charismatic back then. Mostly I remember his always wearing a plastic Yoda figurine around his neck.

An flister posted about 'moustache guards' and I had to research further. This article does a great job of explaining this bit of tech that I'm sure hipsters and steampunk enthusiasts will resurrect if they haven't already.
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Biggest news today: Tokyopop is shutting down in N.America!!!

The Troll Hunter sounds like a movie I'd enjoy.

Becky Cloonan has a new mini comic!

In other exciting news, I'm going to a writing conference thing in the beginning of May. They're offering interesting sessions with a more commercial bent and that's exactly what I'm curious about. Plus, it's a rather small conference of no more than 150 authors, you get 15 minutes with an editor to pitch an idea, and there are a lot of local editors going to be there.

I'm hyperventilating already.

I'm totally counting my twitter as self-publishing. =p
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Honestly, if I could set my own hours I would work from 10am to 4.30pm at the office and if I needed to catch up on a project or something I would work remotely in the evenings or on the weekend. I'm sure starting work at 8am is shaving years off of my life.

I found out, last week, that my gran's sister passed on. My great aunt was the last surviving sibling and quite a bit older than gran. When her little sister, my gran, passed in January she, apparently, just gave up and let herself join her family. I barely knew my great aunt but it hit me hard that the entire generation has now passed on.

I could use a little less death in 2011, kthx. We're done now, right? Right?

Laid out dad's book yesterday! There'll be some tweaking and I'm going to do some illustrations for chapter headers, but it's nearly done! *very excited* It will be self-published through blurb.com and I have to say that using their proprietary, down-loadable software has been pleasurable. And hey! There was a Groupon for blurb.com earlier this month and I totally snapped it up. =p

Next project is Granny's book. I'll be working on that over the rest of the year. It's going to take longer due to sad.

Preview of Sixth Gun - A supernatural western? Hmmmm... I like supernatural comics so maybe I'll like this...

The Periodic Table of Storytelling and Cultural Gender Bias

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