Jan. 16th, 2011 09:49 am
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;__; There's a lost kitty in the hallway. She's fixed, has a collar, and those little claw covers so she can't scratch things. Obviously someone loves and cares for this kitty. I considered taking her in but... then how would her owners find her? I left her in the hall. She's crying at different doors so she'll get the right one eventually and it isn't like she can die of exposure or get off this floor unless she can use door knobs...

I just hope her owners wake up soon and come to find her. Oh. Wait, they probably went to church and she slipped out when they left. Well, they should be home in an hour or so then and we'll see if they find kitty.

And now I'm stuffed up from kitty cuddles.

EDIT: A neighbour knocked on my door to see if the kitty was mine! He's going to set out some food and water for her in the hall and if nobody comes for her by one he'll take her in and put a sign up.

I finished a painting yesterday that's been sitting on my easel for two and a half years. It's an abstract of blues and greens and while I sort of hated it when I finished it's really growing on me now. Oh, looking at the photo I see that isn't the finished painting but it's still rather close. Too bad my phone camera can't get the colours right.

Coming up with Valentine card ideas and trying to mix in Year of the Rabbit... of course I come up with 'somebunny loves you'. I loathe my brain sometimes.

Last night I recorded myself reading a fic written by a character from Heroes. The story... Claude Rains woos Mohinder Suresh with his knowledge of pigeon... as written by Luke Campbell. DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEEE!

Anyhow, it was fun reading one of my stories and I might do more of it just for laughs. Any recommendations for audio editing software? Or podcasting software? I have a voice recorder that makes mp3s but I find I have to record in one take because I haven't the faintest what to use to edit.

My office sent me sympathy flowers yesterday. It's a lovely arrangement but, of course, I wound up getting weepy over them. Last weekend I'd still been in shock, this weekend... is really empty. Usually I'd be monitoring the roads to see if it's clear enough to drive over to Granny's and bring her some Tim Horton's coffee and a treat. I kept going to call her this week and by Friday I was in bad shape as each aborted phone call drove it home that she wasn't there to talk to. Ah well. It's all part of the process. My weekends just feel so empty now.

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