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Sketchavember for Friday, November 5

Sketchavember for Saturday, November 6

Sketchavember for Sunday, November 7

I spent a quiet weekend at home! C. was abroad visiting family and I didn't leave the condo once while he was gone. *slugs about*

So what did I do with my time?
Well, I had comic books:
- Junji Ito
-- Museum of Terror vol. 2
-- Museum of Terror vol. 3
-- Uzumaki volumes 1-3
- BPRD: King of Fear
- Bear Nuts

Documentaries (thank you Netflix Instant):
- The Union (about the thriving Marijuana cottage industry and history)
- Super Size Me (dude eats nothing but McDonald's for a month and chronicles his adventures)
- Cropsey (The urban legend 'cropsey' is explored as being based on missing children on Stanten Island)
- Pageant (Miss Gay America documentary)
- Born Into Brothels (I've seen this before but I wanted to watch it again. It's about the children of India's prostitutes who are given cameras to document their surroundings and lives)

Movies (thank you Netflix Instant):
- Jennifer's Body (SURPRISINGLY good! There was a lot more going on in this movie than I mgiht have given it credit for.)
- Super Troopers (I have no excuse. I wanted to watch a dumb movie and I like this one. =p)

Random television (aka ILU Food Network!)

Sketched daily, cleaned house, homemade alphabet soup, and RP'd.

It was a quiet weekend but I feel pretty darn relaxed!
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Sketchavember for Nov 2 - Zombie!Isaac Mendez from Heroes!

Hooters of Japan - D: I've never been to a Hooters but I'd imagine I'd feel rather uncomfortable.

San Francisco bans Happy Meals - More specifically, they're banning incentive toys being given out with unhealthy food choices so this will affect more than just McDonald's. I say, why the hell not? I'm also in favour of banning unhealthy portion sizes and fast food. OR MAYBE I'M BITTER BECAUSE THESE THINGS MAKE ME SICK? XD I think it's pretty obvious a lot of people in N.America don't understand how to make healthy food choices, prepare their own food, or control their portion sizes. Why not regulate what's available for the good of the People?

But then again, I'm a dirty Socialist. =p

Edited to add: I am one of those people who had no clue about portion sizes etc. I spent $500 to learn about food and how to make it healthy for me. wtf?!

There was a THIRD Lost Boys movie?

Art created using matches - awesome!

I WANT A WHITEYBOARD - I was thinking I'd paint a wall with blackboard paint but this might be a more elegant solution and it won't require massive work to paint over it at a future date.
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November 1st - No idea who this fellow is but his colouring is the same as Nero's from my Sly Kiss comic.
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I'm late to the party!

I'll be posting sketches in my tumblr account and trying to cross-post here as well.

Sadly I don't have a scanner at home right now and I forgot my sketchbook at home, too. BUT THERE ARE THINGS IN IT!

I may just do two digital sketches today to make up for lack of scannage.

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