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C. and I scrambled out of work and straight into a theatre to catch Kick Ass before too many people got off work.


I couldn't watch some parts so I'm not sure exactly how gory it got but the stuff I did watch was mostly brief flashes of cartoon violence and gore. And some moribdly hilarious stuff, too. Spoilers: I couldn't watch the guy in a microwave or the guy in the car crusher. Augh! The anticipation makes my nerves hurt.

The dude who plays the titular character is mega hawt. He reminds me of James Spader only with curly, dark hair. UNF! Checking out his IMDB I see he is also into older women. He was born in 1990 but his fiance (who is pregnant with their first child) was born in 1967. GO COUGARS! RWAR!

There has been talk about Hit Girl and the HORRROR of a little girl who is a remorseless killer. Wow. These people don't watch anime AT ALL do they? There was nothing about Hit Girl I haven't seen before in anime. I liked her character a lot. I also like how they touch on, briefly, how her father (Nick Cage I usually hate but I liked him in this) has brainwashed her and he is aware that is it wrong. There is definitely a creepy vibe around Hit Girl and I think the movie did a very good job with showing how they are aware Hit Girl has had a messed up childhood.

It was a way better movie than I thought it would be and I thought it was an excellent look at what 'real life' super heroes might be like.

I should also mention that even tho the ticket lady reassured me it was an 18A movie and ID was required to get into the show... 3/4 of the audience were DEFINITELY under the age of 18. And they loved all the violence and cussing. I even saw kids sneaking out of 'How to Train your Dragon' into 'Kick Ass'. XD Moral of the story? If you think your kids can handle Kill Bill levels of violence then they'll probably love Kick Ass.

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