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New blog post: Wisdom from The Hulk. I highly recommend writers to read the rant FilmCriticHulk wrote about The Hero's Journey and Three-Act story structure (linked in the Journey rant). It's good food for thought!

Also for the writers out there... Tutorial video showing Dragon Dictate being used with Scrivener! OOOH!!! *_* This could be VERY useful!

STUNNING depression this week but I'm wandering out of it. Hormone-powered roller coaster. Whee!
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I admire this woman.

I'm also really enjoying reading M.R. James. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] flemmings  for posting about his work! I think what makes M.R. James' stories so creepy is that he rarely offers a full explanation of what we're being told is happening or why.

...it's put me in the mood to rewrite two old ghost stories; The Bloody Prints of Blueberry Manor and The Apple Trees. I'd sort of set them aside because I wasn't entirely happy with them but I think I know what I can do to change them and make them really scary!

And now... to keep reading about advanced WordPress techniques.
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One of my warm-up sketches last night, Prince Pickle

This is not the circle constant you're looking for: The Tau Manifesto

Heart-breaking immigration story - Immigration Canada, why you gotta be so heartless?

Ming Doyle's first graphic novel is out! Tantalize: Kieren's Story Congratulations Mingalinga! <3

Oh god. Food hoarding house of horrors - It takes a special kind of bastard to shape his wife like this. However, this isn't the first time I've come across a story about a woman who cooks with really weird shit and gets her giggles out of giving it away to guests.

Speaking of horror... I'm outlining a novel about a haunted house. if I can get the outline done for September 2-5... I have those days off and C. is going to be out of town. I can write, non-stop, for days! =D
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My new flash, horror fiction is available for free over here!

It's been described as 'deliciously creepy' and I should warn it's a zombie story so expect a bit of ick.
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Ignite Your Brainpower with the 20 Smartest Foods on Earth

Alberta short story competition - sorry non-Alberta residents. Putting this here to remind me to, um, maybe submit something?

Fantasy Book Review Fantasy Short Story Competition 2011 - first prize is an iPad! Runner-up prizes are Kindles.

*GLEE* Love her cross-stitch! - It almost makes me want to dig out my floss and Aida fabric and go to! Almost. XD
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My migraine started last Wednesday, early in the morning. I woke up nauseated, head pounding, and extremely confused as to what was happening and where I was. The level of pain waxed and waned but the headache was persistent until yesterday afternoon when I had a thirty-minute massage that focused on my neck and head. This morning, so far, my head doesn't hurt but I can feel a slight pressure building. Ugh. Too bad I blew my 'personal services' budget on that massage yesterday or I'd order another one.

I went to a writer's conference on the weekend! I met interesting people, learned interesting things, and hopefully I'll get my notes typed up and analysed tonight so I can share the salient points of what I learned.

One thing I can tell you right off the bat: FINALLY self-publishing and e-publishing are throwing off the stigma of being inferior to traditional publishing. Amanda Hocking's name was tossed about a lot this weekend and while Amanda is not the norm her story is now an inspiration.

...which makes me giggle because no matter HOW lofty a creator's goals might be there are bills to pay and eventually everything comes down to money. The few that can afford to dedicate themselves to craft with no concern for money are just that, the few, or they have a day-job to support them.

Also, ladies and gents of my flist, when you negotiate your contracts with traditional publishing houses make sure you DO NOT sign away your share of the ePublishing rights.

Over the next couple of months I'm going to be publishing at least one book via a print-on-demand (POD) service and that book will ALSO be reformatted for ePublishing. I'm going to try to document what I do and learn along the way so I can share.

Two more things I heard repeated this weekend:
1. Just like when I was making comics, being able to follow guidelines, meeting deadlines, and produce consistently acceptable (not AMAZING) work will get you more work. AMAZING work would be better but hitting deadlines and specs is more important than being the most amazing writer ever. Also, professionalism is essential. Do what you say you're going to do. Respond to emails and phone calls. Don't avoid correspondence. Accept criticism gracefully and with thanks and resist the urge to lash out online where your words can go viral and damage your reputation.

2. My byline for years has been, 'Do it because you love it' and that's, essentially, what I heard over and over again this weekend. What that means to me is I'm going to stop feeling inadequate because I am one of Nature's short story writers. If I ever get into the groove and write a novel, yay, but I'm not going to stress about it. I really enjoy writing short fiction and I'm going to continue to do so.

Also, I babble a LOT when I am nervous. I probably talked far too much and overshared and guh but at least I went and learned.
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4 things we learned about fat this year - I learned too much fat makes my ass explode, but that's my burden... and possibly my boyfriend's. I also learned, through chatting with people at work, that the people you think couldn't possibly worry about their weight do and it's both men and women who fret.

Speaking of men... it occurred to me today that a lot of the knuckle-dragging manly men I interact with have defaulted to acting like the stereotypical male because:
1. They're insecure about who they really are and if they will be accepted for who they really are
2. It's just way easier to conform than it is to fight the stereotype
3. Why fight what gives them power and privilege?
Gentlemen on the flist, what's your take on this?

Back to food, by now you know I love food. I love reading about it, I love looking at pictures about it, and I even plan trips around it! Well, this site may be about to inspire another trip. XD I... sort of want to do a food truck trip! We have one food truck that I know of in Edmonton (BELGIAN WAFFLES ANYONE?) but that is hardly enough for me! Ooh and a quick google search shows there is at least one more! I really need to do up a list for summer food truck hunting! That's also the problem with food trucks in Edmonton... it's really just a summer thing. Especially on days like today where we have whiteout blizzard conditions.

Actually... I wouldn't mind working in a food truck. I've always wanted a hot dog stand and this would be very similar, right?! HMMmmmmm...

It's closer to Christmas and I'm sure there will be people on my flist getting new video games (EPIC MICKEY!) so you might be interested in this site. From their 'About' page:
The Border House is a blog for gamers. It's a blog for those who are feminist, queer, disabled, people of color, transgendered, poor, gay, lesbian, and others who belong to marginalized groups, as well as allies. Our goal is to bring thoughtful analysis to gaming with a feminist viewpoint and up-to-date news on games, virtual worlds, and social media.
It's a mouthful but I've enjoyed reading through and I've even picked up some game recommendations!

Stem cell transplant has cured HIV infection in 'Berlin patient', say doctors - Has this been confirmed or debunked yet? Not according to Google News. This could be huge.

The Biggest Mistakes Writers Make When Querying Literary Agents - WORTH the time it takes to read as I often hear my talented writer friends struggle with query letters. Also, the video is hilarious. XD

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