Jun. 5th, 2010

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Remember how I blogged about Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel? I found it at a Shopper's Drug Mart! Just an FYI it was in with all the regular Monistat products in the 'things to do with lady bits' aisle. Rexall didn't carry it that I could find.

Tomorrow I'll give it a test run and wear a dress all day!

Picked up my friend W. this morning and drove to Whyte Ave to poke around and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Bee Bell Bakery:
Our first stop was Bee Bell Bakery where W. was a true and generous friend and bought me cake on a stick. The one I had was the 'yellow' cake to match my loverly yellow, 'Disappointed Sparrow' tee shirt.

It was delicious! I thought it was chocolate cake but I'm not sure it wasn't spice cake with yellow fondant icing covering the whole thing then the top was drizzled with caramel and had a scattering of crushed nuts. OMNOMNOM! Delicious! And only $1.00!

Coney Island Candy:
W. wanted to hit Coney Island Candy and poke around so I humoured her. She had, after all, just bought me cake onna stick. The coolest part about this store isn't the animatronic Zoltar fortune teller machine but how they counter to pay is elevated so you can barely see over the top; just like you were a kid again!

Old Strathcona Farmer's Market:
It's that time of year again! The time of year when you head over to Strathcona Farmer's Market to buy fresh-cut, local asparagus! Unf! It's $6 a bundle but it's soooo fresh and omnomnom. I also bought a baggy of pea tendrils which you're supposed to stir fry with onions, mushrooms and garlic.

After market we met our friend Stan from WorstNinjaEver over at Top Gear Scooters were he was shopping for a new pair of gloves. (Stan pointed out we've known each other for twenty years. TWENTY! o_o W. and I have known each other for twenty-TWO years. She wins, Stan.)

Vietnamese sub shop:
Dammit! I can't remember the name of this place but it's replaced Anne's Beddings and it's right beside Flirt Cupcakes, they share a hallway.

I had a #6 combo which came with grilled, pork & Chicken, a few slices of sausage, a small salad, vermicelli, a bowl of wor wonton soup, and a pop. It was around $9. The chicken was a bit dry ( a complaint shared by W. about her teriyaki type chicken and rice dish) but the wonton soup was quite flavourful with lots of pepper and the pork in the wontons was seasoned perfectly. Tasty little meal!

Stan had two subs but I can't remember what kinds except one had head cheese.

Flirt cupcakes:
Flirt Cupcakes is right beside the Vietnamese sandwich shop we hit up for lunch. They have a diverse selection but I settled for The Flirt, "...chocolate cake with creamy Venezuelan chocolate icing and topped with European chocolate!"

Stan had a Fantasy Island, "...chocolate cake with light lemon icing and smothered in sweet
coconut shavings!"
that came with a cocktail umbrella stuck in it and W. had a Wild on Whyte, "...chocolate cake with fresh strawberry cream icing!" Delicious!

Headlines Salon:
I had an afternoon appointment at to get my brows done. Headlines is THE place to go. The ladies there are amazing and I feel my brows are impeccable when they are done.

Just dropped W. off at home and now I'm off for a walk before it rains and an evening of writing and coding and accounting! This Saturday? SO seized!

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