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AHahha I'm up to my eyeballs in coding work right now but I still came across some interesting stuff while eating my lunch.

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster This interesting site takes the a map of the oil spill and superimposes it over where you live. D: It really gives you a concrete scope of how big it is.

In the comments of this article about How To Not Look Like Crap When It's Hot I found mentions of two very useful products!

From Lush.ca:
SILKY UNDERWEAR DUSTING POWDER - I'm not fussy about jasmine so I dug deeper into the site and found...
HONEY BEEHAVE dusting powder. UNF! Yes, I can smell faintly of honey. I like smelling edible as opposed to floral.

This product: T FOR TOES also seems like a really good idea for the summer! Not saying my feet smell as if they've zombified in the summer but I'd be lying if I said they're fresh as daisies.

But the product that (potentially) will revolutionize summer for me?
Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel

"Prevents chafing and irritation caused by moisture, heat, and movement. Ideal for treating everyday intimate discomforts of athletes, plus-size women, new moms, and bikini area waxers or shavers"


"Non-irritating formula with Vitamin E and soothing Aloe. Gentle enough for daily use on even your most delicate areas"

I... I could wear skirts and dresses this summer if I used this product!

See, no matter how skinny I get, my thighs rub together. Even as a little girl the tops of my thighs rubbed because I am a bit, how do they say it, pigeon-toed. Usually I solve this problem by wearing a pair of shorts or Spanx under my dress/skirt but in the summer who needs that extra layer heating them up?

Guys! I'm going to see if my local drug store carries this tonight and try it out tomorrow if I can get my hands on some!

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