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Met with the trainer today. She's pleased with my progress and said she could tell I'd lost about ten pounds just from looking at me! =D She was also quite impressed with my gun show. *eyebrow waaggle* U WANT TIX?! *KISSES HER BICEPS*

I didn't lose weight this week, I'm still at 185lbs, so my trainer's dropped my calories but we're at the very lowest she wants my calories to EVER get, which is 1700 calories a day. That's a 200 calorie drop and I wouldn't have agreed to it except I have been having a hard time eating 1900 calories a day. We'll see how it goes this week with the calorie changes.

I'm really glad she's saying 1700 calories a day should be the least I take in because it makes me think she's taking into account my size and metabolism and not just going by some magic number.

No changes to my physical routine and once Spring gets here *taps foot impatiently* I'll be able to swap out cycling on my recumbent bike for walking in the park and start up Yoga again.
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I'll be travelling and working abroad next week!

I'm being shipped off to one of our business unit facilities to attend meetings, go on tours, and interview people about an application I have developed and another one that is in the planning stages.

Road trip!!

The biggest challenge is going to be sticking to my training regimen when my schedule is borked, I don't have access to a full kitchen, and I'll be eating dinner out every evening. I think I've got a workable plan to handle it... details after the cut.
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Exercise will be easy as the hotel has a gym. As long as they have hand weights, a bench, and a stationary bike or treadmill, I'm golden!

If you have any ideas I'm open to suggestions! Remember no: wheat, pork, potatoes, or corn. I'm also avoiding nuts right now. (( Hurr hurr hurr. I'm twelve. ))
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It seems like I spent most of yesterday cleaning the kitchen, planning and preparing meals, and finally eating.

For the curious, here's what all I had to eat to follow my plan and get in 1900 calories:Read more... )
My final results were that I fell short of my Protein calories by one and went over my Fat/Dairy by ten but it's still way closer to where I'm supposed to be than I've been all week.

The measurements might seem strange but that's because I have a kitchen scale and to calculate my calories. Working with my trainer means being as exact as possible; I cannot be more than 30 calories off from my daily total. I know it may seem strict but I'm actually given a lot of leeway with what I can eat, as long as I get my totals for each category of calorie. (As you can see, I'm not starving myself.) And, really, it's 12 weeks out of my life. I managed the program two years ago without cheating once, I can do it again. The long-term benefits really do outweigh the immediate pleasure I'd get out of cheating.

Which leads me into a little rant.

Cut for rant... )

I'm no stranger to having to alter what I can eat when I go out so it's pretty easy for me to dig my heels in. I'm curious, how do you guys stick to your guns at social meals and make sure you're not eating something you're not supposed to? And have you ever lost a friend or made an enemy out of a family member by doing so?
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Tuesday morning I was 192.6 lbs. Saturday morning I am 189.2 lbs. 3.4lbs lost in three days? This is a LOT to lose in such a short period of time so I emailed my trainer to ask about it.

She suspects is the sudden reduction of sodium in my diet. I... might have been eating bacon nearly every day, prior to starting this programme. *coughs* *examines the ceiling* I really like bacon.

I'm to weigh myself again on Monday and see where I'm at.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but, sadly, I don't often have the time I want to spend preparing and consuming breakfast so I tend to make do during the week and take my time on the weekend.

During the week I get up early to go to work and I eat my breakfast when I get to work. Having to go gluten-free throws a bit of a wrench in my options for breakfast as I've now crossed toast, bagels, and pancakes off my menu. But what I'm left with isn't so bad.

My basic work-day breakfast:
- using a microwave egg poacher I poach egg whites before I leave the condo and toss them in a small tupperware container
- when I get to work I turn on my personal kettle for a cup of tea
- I use hot water from the coffee maker to mix up a sachet of instant oatmeal (which I suspect are not totally gluten-free but I'm taking baby steps here)

Today I had the time to make a weekend breakfast but my kitchen still isn't completely equipped to handle full gluten-free cooking so I made:
- egg white omelette with red, yellow, and green pepper
- 1/4 cup of steel-cut oats with dried cherries from my parents' tree in the mountains

It may not seem like a lot but it took me an hour to eat with two, liesurely cups of tea and putzing about on the Internet. Now that I'm finished Breakfast, I'm ready to clean my kitchen and get lunch going! I might try taking some photos of what I'm cooking this weekend; some of it is interesting!
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So it's day 3 of the new diet and I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon. I think it's my body's way of whinging about the lack of bacon and bagels in my life.

Yesterday's supper was 100 grams of raw spinach sauteed with 333 grams of extra lean ground beef, 200 grams of chopped onion, 6 grams of chopped garlic, and 52 grams of steamed yam. I seasoned it with coriander, paprika, and pepper and it was deliciouuuus!

Canadians!! Check out is THE place to go if you want gluten-free or even some organic stuff for cheap! It's a bulk store so you can buy as much, or as little, as you please.

But I'm lacking good recipes that follow my new diet! I need gluten free! I need no pork or certain veggies! So I''m hunting for recipes and here are a few I came up with:

Fruit yogurt granola parfaits - Unf! Perfect for a weekend morning! I like to get half my starch for the day in at breakfast. I need that kickstart to my day. I'd probably pair this up with steamed egg whites so I have extra protein to make me feel satisfied until lunch time.

Spinach with pan-roasted red peppers - I have eaten more spinach in three days than I have in three months. I need more spinach recipes!

Gluten-free chocolate and pumpkin fondant - in French but babel fish is your friend.

Gluten-free, low-calorie, chocolate chip cookies - *gasp* - And another recipe with chocolate CHUNKS

Carrot curry soup

Gluten-free waffles!

Asian style chicken strips - gluten free I'm digging on the sassy marinade before it's breaded and fried.

Holy crap this looks like a fun recipe to cook - everything inna pumpkin!

Gluten-free fried chicken - uhnnnnnn and to brine the chicken first!

Ugh. I'm so addicted to

EDIT: P.F. Chang's imitation lettuce wraps - Uhnnnn! I have to say, my visit to P.F. Chang's when I was in Anaheim was a highlight of the trip! The food was AMAZING!

EDIT2: Flourless orange cake omgggggggg....

EDIT3: I'm seriously considering asking for meat grinder attachment for our Kitchenaid for my birthday. Make my own ground meat and sausages? Uhnnnf!
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I met with my personal trainer yesterday evening. The biggest change for the next twelve weeks is going to be my diet.

Here are changes by category:

I'm permitted nearly all meat except pork, shrimp, and crustaceans. I may eat as many egg whites I like in a day but only one egg yolk. I need to eat 1-3 servings of fish per week.

Yogurt and cheese still fall under this category but now I am also encouraged to use olive oil, almonds/almond butter, natural peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.

I have a rainbow of vegetables I may eat but tomatoes and cucumber are off the list for now. Thankfully onions are still okay because I eat a LOT of onions!

NO WHEAT GLUTEN OR POTATOES! *weeps* My celiac friends, I may be poking you for advice/recipes. I'm to get my starch from specific legumes, rice, peas, and yams/sweet potatoes. Good thing I just bought a bag of jasmine rice but I should probably pick up a few varieties. I'm thinking arborio rice so I can do a nice yam risotto.

Fruit (This is a new category and takes calories from the 'starch' category)
No oranges it looks like but I can have pineapple so I'm happy! Otherwise, it's another rainbow list of fruit I should eat! I'm very pleased to see bananas on there especially if I can also have peanut butter.

Foods I am to Avoid
Corn, lentils, wheat gluten, kidney and navy beans, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. No problem! (Well, except for the corn. I DO love a big bowl of popcorn in the evening. So sad.)

Overall the changes are really healthy!  I'm eating 1900 calories a day to start and picking up my exercise program again.  In March I'll go back to Yoga (after all the New Year Resolution folks drop out) and I'm hoping by the end of April to meet my goal of dropping 25lbs!

One thing my trainer would like me to keep tabs on is how I feel during the training period.  It isn't just about the losing weight, it's about feeling better physically and emotionally.  I really appreciate how well-rounded the program she's put together for me is and I'm hoping it will really help me get on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle.

I'll try not to spam you guys too much but I'll do regular updates on my progress and what I find works and doesn't work for me.  If you'd prefer I keep this info on a filter of some sorts, let me know in the comments!

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